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Charnwood Borough Council: Customer Story

Gaining better visibility into customer interactions and feedback

Charnwood Borough Council has been working with GovMetric for an impressive 17 years.

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The Council’s insights have played an important role in shaping and refining GovMetric's solutions for the public sector.

The Challenge

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Facing the increased demand for digital innovation in the public sector and the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, Charnwood Borough Council recognised the need to re-evaluate its approach to customer satisfaction.


The Council aimed to implement organisation-wide changes to its customer strategy. However, it encountered limitations with the existing customer feedback process, which lacked a comprehensive view of customer interactions across the entire Council, especially between the front and back office – a common challenge in the public sector.


“Data that we get is clear, easy to understand and straightforward to use. We love that GovMetric is always willing to explore new ideas with our team.”




The Solution

To address these challenges, Charnwood Borough Council selected GovMetric CX as their solution for measuring the customer experience. GovMetric CX offered a council-wide customer feedback platform that integrated email communication, a contact centre solution for SMS interactions, as well as website feedback.



The multi-channel approach simplified the customer feedback process and provided a user-friendly dashboard to track and manage all interactions.


The Council was able to achieve the following outcomes:

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Service teams successfully implemented the email feedback solution, resulting in a broader representation of customer interactions within the Council's unified dashboard.

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GovMetric's solution expanded the scope of feedback collection beyond the traditional front-door interactions, enabling a more comprehensive understanding of customer satisfaction.

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The volume of customer feedback received through web, SMS, and email channels increased compared to pre-pandemic levels.

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Further integration is expected to lead to a continued increase in feedback volume, providing an even better understanding of overall satisfaction levels.

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Charnwood Borough Council's ongoing partnership with GovMetric and the implementation of GovMetric CX has helped the Council to significantly improve their customer feedback process.

By using a multi-channel solution, the Council has gained better visibility into customer interactions, increased feedback volumes, and established a foundation for ongoing improvements in customer experience.

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