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GovMetric: The Citizen Experience People

We believe that everyone deserves decent public services, and we’re on a mission to put the citizen experience at the heart of public sector service design and delivery.

We work in partnership with councils, social landlords, the police and national agencies to deliver trusted and independent citizen insight solutions. The insight we deliver helps our customers make better decisions and deliver more efficient, effective services—for everyone.

Our core values

We’re invested

We’re not just a supplier: we’re citizens who want decent public services for our families, our friends, our communities, and for society. ​Helping the public sector to make life better for everyone ​
is woven into our company DNA. ​


invested (adjective): to have an interest in something as a result of a commitment to it or an investment in it of resources such as time, effort and money​

We’re resourceful​

Small but mighty, we’re ​
old hands at public sector projects where a little has to go a long way. We’re glass-half-full, silver-lining kind of people, never happier than when we’re coming up with ingenious new ways to solve problems and overcome obstacles.

resourceful (adjective): able to meet situations, capable of devising ways and means

We’re collaborative

Good public services are a collective responsibility. ​
So we’re always up for creative and cooperative teamwork with customers, partners and other suppliers to achieve the best possible outcomes for every project we put our name to.

collaborative (adjective): involving working jointly with others or together in an endeavour

We’re grounded

We’ve been delivering citizen insight to the public sector for well over a decade, so we’re quietly confident that we’re pretty good at what we do. But we’re wise enough to know that we don’t know everything, so you’ll only ever get sensible, practical advice from us, founded on first-hand experience.

grounded (adjective): admirably sensible, realistic, and unpretentious

We’re genuine

Our strong sense of right and wrong makes us a trustworthy, reliable and conscientious supplier and partner, and a warm and supportive place to work. ​
We always strive to do our very best by each other, our customers, and the citizens and communities they serve.​

genuine (adjective): honest and sincere 

Our story

Since its launch in 2006, our GovMetric CX platform has become the leading Citizen Experience Management and customer satisfaction solution for the public sector, capturing millions of pieces of feedback every year. CaseTracker was developed in 2017 as a complementary platform for managing formal customer contacts.


But we are much more than just a technology company; we deliver complete citizen engagement programmes, facilitated through collaborative and long-lasting partnerships with like-minded organisations. Some of the projects that we have helped our clients deliver include: 

  • Creating a citizen-centred mindset within the organisation

  • Targeting service improvements for maximum citizen benefit 

  • Improving Right First Time service delivery

  • Reducing formal complaints

  • Delivering corporate CX objectives and measurement against KPIs

  • Informing and evaluating channel migration strategy

  • Internal and external benchmarking and sharing best practice 

  • Reducing the cost of citizen engagement

  • Understanding the customer journey and improving the digital platform

  • Implementing an organisational workflow for customer excellence

GovMetric is a trading name of ROL Solutions Ltd.

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