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Support Services

We can help you develop your vision for customer and community engagement, with a practical plan for how you can achieve it

We have been working with public service organisations for over 25 years, so we understand that technology doesn’t solve problems— people do. We don't subscribe to the typical Software-as-a-Service, “one size fits all” approach, and focus instead on building trusted, tailor-made solutions that transform citizen engagement.

Our team has years of experience of working within and in partnership with the public sector, and we will take the time to fully understand your organisation, your challenges, and your goals, and design and deliver a strategy and solution that is uniquely configured and customised for your requirements.

Underpinning our approach is our Customer Experience Improvement Framework, our proven methodology and toolset for developing citizen-centric culture and practices in public service organisations. The framework covers every aspect of CX management, including:

•    CX strategy
•    Customer understanding
•    Customer centric design
•    Measuring success
•    Governance
•    Customer centric culture
•    Adding value

Bespoke software development services

In addition to our market-leading products and services, we offer bespoke, purpose-driven software solutions built using Agile methodology.

Our experienced engineering, quality assurance and customer teams deliver and support a range of business-critical applications for both public and private sector clients.

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