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The complete case management solution for the public sector, created in partnership with local government

CaseTracker enables the effective and compliant management of any formal customer interaction including Comments, Compliments & Complaints, Adult and Children's Social Care, MP & Councillor Enquiries, FOI, EIR and SAR requests, and more.

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Centralise customer enquiries across all your channels and services 

Capture full, accurate and consistent customer data using pre-configured or customised forms


Streamline case workflow within a robust, auditable process

Intelligently allocate caseloads across individuals and teams, create and track tasks, monitor progress against timescales and escalate when necessary


Bring a satisfactory resolution to cases with a single customer response 

Coordinate case input across multiple services and communicate with the customer via a secure two-way message centre 


Take an operational view of all your cases

Gain a complete overview of the status, owner, tasks, and deadline for cases across your entire organisation


Easily collate performance data

Fulfil both internal and external reporting requirements using powerful in-built dashboards and reports


Deliver a better customer experience

Record and analyse root causes, themes, and outcomes to develop best practice and support service transformation

Find us on the Digital Marketplace

Visit the Digital Marketplace to buy CaseTracker through the G-Cloud framework.

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