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The City of Edinburgh Council: Customer Story

Transformative Citizen Feedback Management

From less than 1% to 10% feedback response rate: Edinburgh's journey with GovMetric CX.

Edinburgh City Council Citizen Feedback Management
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The Challenge

Edinburgh City Council aimed to improve its citizen feedback processes, recognising the crucial role of effective feedback management.


The Council faced challenges with ineffective Interactive Voice Response services that failed to provide the necessary results and data for informed decision-making.

improving citizen feedback process / software

"One of the main reasons we joined in partnership with GovMetric was the ability to receive all of our customers feedback across multiple channels all combined on one user friendly platform."




The Solution

To address these challenges, Edinburgh City Council partnered with GovMetric to implement Govmetric CX for citizen feedback. By transitioning to SMS surveys, the Council gained deeper insights into avoidable contact issues, as well as increased its feedback returns. This shift also led to improved data collection and the implementation of customised reporting.

The introduction of an advanced alerts system played a pivotal role in shaping internal strategy.


After the implementation of the new feedback system, the Council’s feedback rates rose from less than 1 percent to an impressive 10 percent, marking a tenfold increase in valuable citizen insights. By enabling the capture of verbatim comments from customers, the Council saved the approximate workload of 1.5 to 2 full time employees who would normally need to listen through all the voice calls left and triage/escalate issues. This led to time and cost savings for the council and the assurance that nothing was missed or delayed.

A standout feature for Edinburgh City Council is the alerts system, shaping internal strategy and boosting staff engagement and morale. This feature allows the Council to automatically send positive comments to the customer success team in real-time, ensuring due credit for their efforts.

The system also allows the team to separate the overall customer experience from interactions with the customer success team, enabling a nuanced approach to performance evaluation.

Key benefits of GovMetric CX for Edinburgh City Council include:

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10 times increase in valuable citizen feedback rate. This allows the Council to use Voice of Customer to influence their digital strategy

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Cost savings through task automation, allowing the Council to allocate and prioritise resources.

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Real-time feedback monitoring and reporting, enabling quick decision-making as well boosting staff’s morale.

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Centralised data approach enabling informed service transformation.

GovMetric CX streamlined citizen feedback processes

Edinburgh City Council's adoption of GovMetric CX streamlined citizen feedback processes, resulting in cost savings, and contributing to a positive internal culture.

The straightforward implementation of effective tools emphasises the Council's commitment to data-driven approaches for service improvement and maintaining a citizen-centric governance model.

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