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Surrey Council: Customer Story

Improving Service Quality and Transparency (complaint handling in the public sector)

Surrey County Council's Digital Complaint Handling Transformation Journey with CaseTracker.

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Surrey County Council, recognised as a leader in local government services, is committed to delivering flexible, responsive, and efficient services that meet resident needs.


A focus on integrating processes, data, and technology

is helping it to achieve this.

complaint handling in the publis sector software

The Challenge

As part of its digital-first strategy, Surrey County Council recognised the impact of effective complaints management

on its reputation and service improvement programmes.


The Council aimed to replace its existing customer feedback system with a single, unified recording and reporting solution that could be used across all its services.

"CaseTracker has reduced the amount of effort needed for creating and sharing reports with senior management."




The Solution

Following an evaluation process, Surrey County Council partnered with GovMetric to implement CaseTracker, a powerful complaints management system. Close collaboration ensured clear timelines and expectations, and CaseTracker was tailored

to the Council’s needs, enabling enhanced data collection and customised reporting.


The successful implementation of the new complaints system has streamlined processes within the corporate side of the organisation. It has enabled efficient tracking and resolution of complaints, ensuring prompt response and resident satisfaction.


Building on this success, the system has been extended to Surrey County Council's Children's Social Care department, resulting

in effective complaint handling, faster response times, and improved communication with stakeholders.


Expanding further, CaseTracker has been integrated into the Adult Social Care department, enhancing complaint management capabilities, and enabling timely issue resolution and support. The integration has also facilitated efficient handling of complaints related to Coroners' Services, fostering transparency and responsiveness in this critical area.


In the past year, Surrey Council successfully resolved over 6,500 enquiries, achieving the following:

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Streamlining case workflow with a robust and auditable process.

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Gaining a comprehensive overview of case status, ownership, tasks, and deadlines.

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Coordinating case input across multiple services and communicated with customers through a secure two-way message centre.

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Easily compiling performance data and improving overall customer experience.

“It’s the fact that we can challenge GovMetric to continuously improve accessibility according to our needs that makes their service great.”




Case management and complaint handling software public sector

The Council's commitment to a digital-first approach and the implementation of an efficient complaints management system have led to real enhancements in transparency, responsiveness, and service quality.

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