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Cambridge City Council: Customer Story

Collaborative Success: Transforming Complaint Management

Cambridge City Council was the first user and design partner of GovMetric’s complaint management system, CaseTracker.

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The Council‘s collaboration played a pivotal role in developing and refining the platform into its current state.


CaseTracker‘s slogan was born - built with the sector for the sector.

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The Challenge

In 2016, Cambridge City Council encountered a challenge when a thorough audit uncovered weaknesses in their complaints handling procedures.


This audit revealed the Council was unable to manage and address complaints effectively, which brought a need for an overhaul of their old system.


"System covers everything we need and probably more,

it is super easy to use."




The Solution

Following a process of evaluating the needs of the Council, GovMetric started building a new product – CaseTracker, a powerful complaints management system. Close collaboration ensured clear timelines and expectations, and CaseTracker was tailored to the growing needs of the Council, enabling enhanced data collection, automation, and customised reporting.


Since CaseTracker’s launch in 2017, the complaints management system has continuously evolved. These improvements have made the complaint-handling process more efficient, ensuring cases are resolved promptly and accurately. Notably, the system now automatically assigns complaints to the relevant managers, reducing administrative workload significantly.


This ongoing refinement has resulted in a streamlined system, reducing costs, and enhancing the overall customer experience.


The Council has effectively addressed a large number of cases, with over 1700 resolved last year.


This efficiency-focused approach has led to the following:

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Reduced complaint resolution times and increased transparency.

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Considerably reduced the overhead of managing complaints by automating manual tasks.

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Streamlined case workflow with a robust and auditable process.

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Council-wide coordinated case input across multiple services and the ability to communicate with customers through a secure two-way messaging centre.

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Starting with challenges in 2016, Cambridge City Council managed to streamline their complaint handling processes, automate tasks, and enhance its customer experience.

The partnership between GovMetric and the Council has led to improved efficiency and transparency of complaint resolution for all other organisations that are currently using CaseTracker to improve their customer experience.

If you'd like find out more about how we can help your organisation or to arrange a product demo, please click below.

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