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Cornwall Council: Customer Story

Putting Voice of the Customer at the Forefront of Customer Experience

Cornwall Council embarked on a five-year Customer Philosophy plan to improve customer interactions and enhance services.

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As stated in the plan, a key aspect was the focus on the Voice of the Customer to drive success: “The Philosophy places greater emphasis on customer voice which is reflected in the use of customer feedback and surveys in how we measure success. These measures we will enable us to track our performance as we aspire towards the 2025 targets.”

Voice of the customer / customer experience

The Challenge

Cornwall Council and GovMetric had a longstanding partnership, during which they have worked together to explore ways to effectively use Voice of the Customer. The launch of the Customer Philosophy plan presented an opportunity to take this further.


The plan emphasised the importance of gathering continuous feedback data and measuring customer sentiment. The Council sought a customer insight solution that seamlessly integrated with its existing corporate BI dashboard, ensuring a simple and intuitive process for team members.


“We have been able to react to customer feedback far quicker and fix issues within days… sometimes even hours.”




The Solution

After a procurement process, GovMetric CX was chosen as the solution that best fit the Council's needs. Following the project kick-off, the platform started to collect feedback via a range of different methods, such as the Council's website, SMS, and Voice Response (IVR) surveys. This comprehensive data collection approach allowed the Council to gain insights from different channels, enabling data-driven decisions to improve customer satisfaction.


Integration via the GovMetric CX API, enabled Cornwall Council to readily extract the collected data and integrate it directly into its corporate Power BI dashboard, where it could be combined with other organisational data.


By comparing real-time customer feedback with other corporate data, Cornwall Council has gained a true understanding of the customer experience, with the Voice of the Customer at its core. Through its focus on the Voice of the Customer, the Council has made improvements that directly impact customer satisfaction, resulting in an 8% increase in residents reporting positive experiences at the point of initial contact.


The Council is also able to achieve the following:

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Collecting over 26,000 website feedback and 11,000 SMS feedback points in the past year.

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Tracking multiple performance measures, utilising data from various sources to gain insights into different aspects of its operations.

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Identifying opportunities for continuous improvement and made strategic decisions by closely monitoring incoming data.

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Measuring the plan's impact through a comprehensive performance and reporting framework.

Voice of the customer in public sector / Cornwall Council

By prioritising the Voice of the Customer and leveraging the insights provided by GovMetric, Cornwall Council is continuously improving its customer-centric approach, making informed decisions, and driving positive change throughout the organisation.

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