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Staffordshire County Council: Customer Story

An Organisation-wide Approach to Customer Experience

Improving Citizen Engagement and Operational Efficiency with GovMetric CX.

The Challenge

Staffordshire County Council embarked on a journey to improve its citizen-centric approach, aiming to evaluate the organization’s customer service culture, responsiveness, and overall service quality.


However, the lack of effective measurement tools posed a challenge in validating improvements and benchmarking progress.

Staffordshire Council feedback

"The team at GovMetric constantly take the time to understand our needs and give strategic advice. With our internal strategy and GovMetric’s industry experience, we are seeing great collaborative results.”




The Solution

As a returning GovMetric customer, Staffordshire County Council recognised the need for a comprehensive organisational approach to customer service. Partnering with GovMetric, the Council acquired a tool that everybody within the organisation would have access to, regardless of the size and budget availability of specific teams.


GovMetric CX allows Staffordshire to understand its citizen needs and drive service improvement in a holistic way, encompassing various metrics across multiple feedback points within Council services such as Highways, Social Care, and Registration Services.


After implementing GovMetric CX, Staffordshire County Council was able to not only gather valuable feedback from their citizens at different customer journey points but also capture staff feedback with the introduction of their Employee Satisfaction Score (eNPS) within the whole internal team. Traditionally this was handled by a Microsoft Form and processed in an Excel sheet, but with GovMetric, employees received surveys directly to their inboxes allowing the Council to achieve the highest response rate ever achieved.

Transferring eNPS to the GovMetric platform has enabled the People Services team to: 

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Adopt a more personalised approach enabling them to get to hard-to-reach groups. This resulted in a 15% increase in completion.

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Reduce the analysis time resulting in a 90% improvement (from 37 hours to 4 hours).

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Improve the accuracy of reporting by minimising human error.

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Simplify thematic analysis.

The Council also utilised Email, SMS campaigns and web links across Highways, Social Care and Registration Services. A high survey response rate allows the Council to make continuous informed service transformation decisions in real time. Across the organisation the Council is receiving over a thousand citizen responses per month.

Key benefits of GovMetric CX for Staffordshire County Council include:

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Increased survey response rates (25%+)

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Continuous service improvement based on real time citizen data.

"We are using the feedback that the customers are leaving for us via the tool to drive our transformation”




GovMetric CX streamlined citizen feedback processes

The collaboration between GovMetric and Staffordshire County Council transformed feedback collection, enabling service improvement based on real citizen input.

The Council also has a pro-active internal communication plan, which allows to foster a culture of customer service excellence among its employees and continuously assess employee satisfaction.

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