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Wigan Metropolitan Borough Council: Customer Story

Tenant Satisfaction Measures (TSM)

Unveiling Unmediated Citizen Insights: Wigan Council's journey with GovMetric CX.

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The Challenge

Facing the challenge of obtaining cost-efficient, unbiased, and time-effective feedback from citizens, the Council sought a solution for its Tenant Satisfaction Measure (TSM) survey processes.


Wigan decided to go with an unmediated survey approach. Unmediated surveys offer several advantages including a lesser sampling bias rate, lower costs associated with distribution and immediate data collection and analysis. This enables organisations to make timely decisions based on up-to-date insights. Finally, these surveys offer greater flexibility in terms of customisation and personalisation.

TSM Tentant Satisfaction Measures

“It was great to be able to see responses coming in live. It allowed us to check if we have representation within different age groups easily.”




The Solution

The Council chose to utilise GovMetric’s Tenant Perception Programme™, based on the proven GovMetric CX platform and fully managed by the knowledgeable team of citizen experience experts at GovMetric.

After the initial cleansing of the existing customer data, a systematic approach was used prioritising communication channels based on the availability of contact details. If an email address was present, an email survey was initiated; otherwise, the system opted for SMS. A system reminder was implemented for non-responsive participants, utilising both email and SMS, with the option of sending out postal surveys to those who preferred or required it.

Wigan Council wanted to ensure everyone was aware of this happening and created a pro-active communication plan. This included social media, internal meetings, company website and phone system messages, incentives, and newsletters to inform citizens and employees of what to expect in the surveys that were soon to be launched and encourage responses. This helped ensure a great response rate.

Approximately 21,000 residents received the survey using unmediated methods such as SMS and email. To achieve this, a tailored survey comprising of the 12 TSM questions and 10 bespoke questions was initiated. As part of an unmediated objective approach, Wigan also sent 300 postal surveys to validate a particular demographic.


The results surpassed expectations and the Council was able to achieve following results:

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21% response rate compared to the 5% original target.

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99% Confidence Level compared to the 95% original target.

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Cost-effective and instant access to citizen feedback.

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Access to demographic segment analysis.

”The set up was really straightforward, the GovMetric team explained and demonstrated everything clearly”.




Tenant Satisfaction Measures TSMs

The challenge of improving the Tenant Satisfaction Measure (TSM) survey processes faced by the Council was effectively addressed through the implementation of GovMetric's Tenant Perception Programme™.

By employing a cost-effective systematic approach to survey distribution, the Council not only surpassed its initial response rate target but also gained access to real-time insights from different survey methods. The proactive communication plan ensured widespread participation, leading to an improved understanding of the total citizen experience. 

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