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Camden Council: Customer Story

Making customer engagement more accessible and cost-effective

Camden London Borough Council believes that citizen input

is fundamental to service improvement.

Customer Exgagement Camden Council


With tightening budgets, capturing and understanding the views and opinions of residents has become even more important. The team at Camden Council is committed to actively engaging with the community and striving for improved quality of life within the Borough through innovation.

Housing surveys

The Challenge

The Housing team at Camden Council faced challenges with traditional surveying methods. The data took too long to reach relevant team members, making it difficult to derive meaningful insights.


Also, a significant budget had to be allocated to conducting these surveys. It was imperative to find a new way of doing things to make customer engagement more accessible and cost-effective.

"I think the features speak for themselves: instant feedback and a simple to use data dashboard. We particularly love the mapping functionality."




The Solution

Collaborating with GovMetric's customer and product teams, Camden Council adopted GovMetric CX as the solution that best fit its needs. To address the customer engagement objectives, the Council implemented a programme that included repairs surveys, a Capital Works program, and a housing virtual tour feedback solution.


By integrating GovMetric CX into its processes, Camden Council began receiving feedback within minutes of launching a campaign, saving time and money. The success of these projects led to the development of customer experience maps for the wider organisation. Using mapping technology, feedback data was visualised geographically, pinpointing areas of resident dissatisfaction or concerns.


Key benefits of these solutions include:

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Enhanced Citizen Engagement

The platform facilitates increased citizen participation, empowering residents to provide feedback on a range of aspects about life in the Borough.

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Targeted Resource Allocation

The Council can identify specific neighbourhoods or services requiring improvement, enabling effective resource allocation.

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Real-time Monitoring

The platform enables real-time feedback monitoring, allowing prompt responses to urgent issues, and tracking the effectiveness of interventions.

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Data-driven Decision Making

Comprehensive feedback data and visualisations enable Council officers to make informed evidence-based decisions, prioritising initiatives that will deliver the greatest impact on resident satisfaction.

Housing Surveys customer engagement

Through the implementation of citizen feedback solutions, Camden London Borough Council has embraced a customer-centric approach to local government.

Actively listening to residents' concerns, the Council has been able to make data-driven decisions, efficiently allocate resources, and continuously improve service quality.


This customer-centric approach has strengthened the Council's relationship with residents, fostering a more inclusive and responsive culture in the organisation.

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