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December's Update

17 year partnership with Charnwood, new report from the Housing Ombudsman and more!

In December's monthly blog post we will present a story of our 17-year partnership with Charnwood Borough Council, as well as latest news from the Housing Ombudsman Service and a book recommendation that can help deepen the overall CX understanding of anyone interested.

But first, as it is our last newsletter of the year, we would like to wish you all a magical Christmas season and a fantastic New Year ahead! 

GovMetric Merry Christmas

Let's jump straight into the customer story 👇

Customer Spotlight

Charnwood Borough Council 

Charnwood Borough Council GovMetric

🌟 We are beyond thrilled to share the story of our 17-year partnership with Charnwood Borough Council!

It's not every day you get to say you have worked with a customer for such a long time. Charnwood's insights have played an important role in shaping and refining our solutions for the public sector throughout the years.

The main challenges for the Council, however, came during the pandemic. Facing the increased demand for digital innovation in the public sector and the impact of Covid-19, Charnwood Borough Council recognised the need to re-evaluate its approach to customer satisfaction.

🚀 Read the full story of how Charnwood is using a multi-channel approach to simplify the customer feedback process and provide the whole team with a user-friendly dashboard to track and manage all interactions.

Sector News

Report Reveals Record CHFOs Alongside Compliance Boost

The Housing Ombudsman has published its latest Complaint Handling Failure Order (CHFO) report. These orders help landlords deliver the Complaint Handling Code and resolution of complaints. Helping them identify any problems that could prevent residents experiencing a positive complaints process.


The document highlights the increase in CHFOs issued by the Housing Ombudsman Service, reaching 51 in the third quarter of 2023, the highest ever in a single quarter. Despite this, there was a decrease in non-compliance, dropping from 42% to 27% compared to the previous quarter.


The report also underscores the necessity for landlords to inform residents of the Ombudsman during formal complaint responses, a requirement that will be strengthened with the Complaint Handling Code becoming statutory in 2024. It is no surprise that increased citizen demand is bringing more challenges within Housing and Local Government and we will cover the Complaint Handling Code in more depth in our next monthly newsletter, keep an eye out!

Welcome to GovMetric

🌟 We would like to give a warm welcome to Norwich City Council who recently joined the GovMetric community. We are looking forward to working together in the New Year and beyond. 

Book Recommendation

Continuing with the theme of foundational texts for developing CX understanding and knowledge, we highly recommend "Customer What" by Ian Golding. This insightful book provides a practical approach to cultivating customer-centric thinking and behaviours. Golding skillfully explores the connection between customer experience and corporate strategy.

"Customer What" by Ian Golding

He offers valuable insights for integrating customer-centric principles into strategic planning. Whether you're a seasoned professional or new to the field, "Customer What" is a truly helpful guide for improving your understanding of customer experience and implementing actionable strategies to drive positive change.            


If you would like to discover some of our Customer Stories, highlighting real-world customer experience transformations within the public sector, click below.

Karolis Duoba is the Marketing Manager at GovMetric, home of the leading Citizen Experience Management solution for the public sector.

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