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Navigating Complaints in the Public Sector: Real Stories

It's time for another edition of our monthly blog post featuring a story from our customer, industry news and a book recommendation. This month's focus is complaints handling in the public sector and we kicked off November by discussing it live in London. 👇

Westminster Insight Complaints Handling in the Public Sector Conference GovMetric

Our very own Stephen Meades-Cummins introduced our complaint handling software, CaseTracker to the attendees of Complaints Handling In The Public Sector conference organised by Westminster Insight. It was a pleasure sponsoring this event and most importantly we got to hear the issues and challenges that different public sector organisations are facing in this field.


Richard Blakeway, the Housing Ombudsman, shared two compelling real-life stories that illustrated different outcomes based on the handling of Stage 1 and Stage 2 complaints. One of the cases involved a tenant whose windows were removed, boarded up, and remained unchanged for an alarming two years. This narrative highlighted the critical importance of conducting thorough and structured investigations within the housing industry.


However, at the moment many organisations are facing issues with increased demand and processes that are not up to standard. 

Customer Spotlight

Cambridge City Council 

Continuing with our focus on complaint handling, but steering towards a more positive note, we're excited to showcase the achievements of one of our valued customers, the Cambridge City Council.


Cambridge was the first user and design partner of our complaint management system, CaseTracker.🌟 This collaboration has led to improved efficiency and transparency of complaint resolution for all other organisations that are currently using our platform.

Click here to learn how Cambridge City Council is streamlining its case handling workflows.

Sector News

A deep dive into today’s experience as a vulnerable customer

The recent white paper from Davies Consulting addresses the moral, legal, and commercial factors driving the need for an enhanced customer experience (CX), with a focus on building resilience for vulnerable customers.


It provides insights into the current landscape of vulnerable customers, statistics, and the need for companies to adopt inclusive CX strategies, including the importance of omnichannel strategies, the role of AI in customer support, and the three pillars—communication, product and service design, and customer service—for treating vulnerable customers fairly. 


This is an excellent report which made us think about its applicability for the public service space. If you have any relevant resources in mind, we would love to hear from you!

Book Recommendation

"Chief Customer Officer 2.0" by Jeanne Bliss

Is the idea of customer experience transformation in today's public service world often perceived as an unattainable utopian dream? This book might help. It is an excellent follow-up to "Outside In" by by Harley Manning, Kerry Bodine, the book we mentioned in our last monthly newsletter. "Chief Customer Officer 2.0" skillfully builds on the groundwork set by "Outside In".

"Chief Customer Officer 2.0" by Jeanne Bliss book

What sets this book apart is its provision of a practical and actionable series of steps. While tailored for a commercial audience, its insights have sparked our interest on how to adapt and apply its value to the public sector. For those seeking for a comprehensive guide with real-world applicability, we recommend giving it a go.


If you would like to discover some of our Customer Stories, highlighting real-world customer experience transformations within the public sector, click below.

Karolis Duoba is the Marketing Manager at GovMetric, home of the leading Citizen Experience Management solution for the public sector.

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