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How did customer service get so bad?

This month we dive into the critical state of customer service in the UK and explore insightful analysis from the Financial Times on the impact of digital solutions.


We also spotlight Wigan Council's impressive journey with GovMetric CX, celebrate a significant milestone with Tracey Poole's 15 years at GovMetric, and keep you updated on where you can meet us in person at upcoming events.


Please take a moment to explore the latest public sector highlights👇

📢Sector News

uk public sector news financial times

The insights from the recent Financial Times Weekend section on the collapse of UK customer service and its consequences are truly valuable, especially for those in public service leadership roles. 

As technology becomes increasingly integral to public service delivery, it’s crucial to learn from past implementations—both successful and flawed.


Claer Barrett's analysis reveals several critical points regarding the decline in service quality and customer satisfaction:

  • Rise in Complaints: There has been a notable increase in customer complaints across all sectors in UK, linked to the ineffective use of digital chatbots and automated systems.

  • Digital Challenges: The shift to digital solutions has frustrated customers due to inadequate problem resolution and the lack of human interaction, highlighting the need for better-designed technology.

  • Staffing and Training: Organisations face difficulties in recruiting and retaining staff for complex customer issues. Cost-cutting measures favoring automation over human interaction worsen these challenges.

  • Consumer Awareness: Consumers are more aware of their rights and ready to complain, especially under financial pressures.

✨GovMetric Spotlight


Wigan council TSM GovMetric

We are thrilled to share a customer story from Wigan Council who are a pleasure to work with! We can't stress enough the importance of the Council's proactive internal and external communication plan which ensured widespread participation, leading to an improved understanding of the total tenant experience. 

By using an unmediated survey approach, Wigan was able to not only surpass the tenant response rate goal, but get access to cost-efficient and instant feedback. 📊 


Main highlights:

✅ 21% response rate compared to the 5% original target. 

✅ 99% Confidence Level compared to the 95% original target.

✅ Cost-effective and instant access to citizen feedback.

✅ Access to demographic segment analysis.


15 Years at GovMetric!


We recently celebrated Tracey Poole, our Quality Assurance Engineer, for her remarkable 15 years at GovMetric. We are sincerely thankful to have her as part of our team!

🎫Meet us live (and online)!

Stay in the loop with the latest news from the public sector as we gear up to sponsor and participate in online and live events over the coming months! 

Book Recommendation

Follow the Money by Paul Johnson (Author)

Our book recommendation this month comes from a workshop run by Tom Styles at the Government 4.0 Scotland event facilitated by Nick Hill. Tom ran a workshop on Patterns and Anti-patterns, based on the book Sooner Safer Happier by Jonathan Smart.

In this book, Jonathan Smart provides insightful guidance on how organisations can achieve better outcomes by adopting modern ways of working. He explores patterns and anti-patterns, offering practical advice on what to do and what to avoid in order to succeed in today's fast-paced business environment.


Smart emphasises the importance of focusing on outcomes rather than outputs, fostering a culture of continuous improvement, and embracing change to deliver value sooner, more safely, and more happily.


This book is a valuable resource for anyone looking to enhance their organisation's agility and performance.


If you would like to discover some of our Customer Stories, highlighting real-world customer experience transformations within the public sector, click below.

Karolis Duoba is the Marketing Manager at GovMetric, home of the leading Citizen Experience Management solution for the public sector.

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